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Birthdate:Mar 26
Website:Everything X-Men
I live in Norway.
I spent three years in London studying film. And got the opportunity to work for a small company in Norway, they actually made a feature film that I got the chance to be a part of, "Yohan - Barnevandreren", it was an amazing experience, but sadly I developed CFS toward the end of pick-up production and have been out of commission for several years now. I've found a way to live with it. I try to focus on my time with my friends and enjoy the little things.

In other news I love movies, as my chosen studies might suggest. Mainly Action, horror and the like, my favourite films include the X-Men movies, Lord of the Rings, Serenity, The Boondock Saints, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Hunger Games and John Wick.

I'm still enjoying Supernatural, though I'm surprised they're still going. I was ready for it to end after season 10.
I'm really into the Outlander series, both books and tv-show.
Other Tv- shows I'm really enjoying are Modern Family, Brooklyn 9-9, Once Upon a Time, Archer, Taboo, Legion and several more that I can't remember right now.

Other books I've enjoyed the last few years are The Hunger games series, the Divergent seires, The Lords of the Underworld series, The Lunar Chronicles, The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Fault in Our Stars, The Night Circus and others. If you wanna rec me some books please do.

I'm still very much into Assassin's Creed when it comes to gaming, also been introduced to Uncharted so have been enjoying those. I've played The Last of Us as well, really liked it, but as zombies freak me out I found it rather stressful.

I'm not exactly a party girl, but enjoy having fun. :)

I'm also half polish, but born and raised in Norway. I know a little polish and am in the process of learning more.

If you friend me, please tell me so. I'd like to know who's on my flist.

Some info about me and my posting habits.
Refreshments are over there. *points*
I'm working on my return to LJ, so far it seems to be going well.
My posts vary between real life posts and a little fandom squeeage.

I try to avoid spoilers at all costs, but have learned to relax about it if I should stumble across some. But I always appreciate spoiler cuts.

Fics, Slash/het and such:
I rarely read fic, so don't expect to much from me on that front.

What else? *Ponders*
I have issues with religion, so I apologize if I write something that you might find offensive with regards to that, but it will probably happen.
I am a strong supporter of gay rights, marriage is about love, not gender. I've had a few blow-up posts about this, and I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Locked and open entries.
I tend to lock my personal entries, while I keep the reviews and some fandom squeeage open. I started locking my rl posts a while back because I noticed I have people who read my LJ, but have never contacted me, so I figured it was about time I started considering my posting habits.

I love how LJ is a great way to share your creativity. All in various degrees of quality, but still very cool.
I have a fan-art/icon journal called mukkianglia where I post on occation, mainly icons. It's open to requests, but all within the realm of my limted talents. ;)

I think that's all, any questions? Ask.
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