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Do you like books!?

Do you like reading books?

Do you collect books and let them sit on your shelf!?

Do you spend WAAAAAAY too much money on books even though they’re totally worth it but holy fucking shit fifteen dollars is the median and why is the world so effortlessly cruel?
Who’s got two thumbs and an empty wallet! Yes yes and yes!


Thriftbooks is an amazing online site that sells used books! These books are, for the most part, in great condition. I’ve used this website for everything from textbooks to fiction to everything else in between! It has a wide selection with an even wider selection of options per book!
You want softcover? They’ve got it! Hardcover? Of course! Audio? Why not!
Hell! They even sell the books in other languages!
You might say to me, humanity, why are you telling us this? We already have barnes and noble!
Because, my poor, naive friend, thriftbooks sells the majority of it’s books for under four dollars.
That’s right. You heard me. Under. Four. Dollars.
And right now, they’re having a huge deal!
2 books for $7
3 books for $10
4 books for $12

But wait! There’s more!

If you leave a book in your cart for long enough, chances are you’ll be alerted when a seller nearby, for a cheaper price, has the same book! You’ll get it cheaper and faster, with less waste of paper and time!
And prices change! That book that would have cost you $3.79 one day might be $3.45 the next, and man oh man isn’t that the best thing to see when you check up on your cart.
So what are you waiting for, book lovers! Go! Go shop!
Go and rule the world!
Be the book lovers I know you can be!

I just ordered my first batch of books from this site. I was astounded by how cheap I could get hardbacks. Yes, they're used, but that doesn't matter to me. And by shopping with them you're supporting a good cause.
The free shipping reward is only open for Americans, but with the discount codes and other bonuses you're able to get that won't really be much of a problem in the long run.
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Director: Ron Howard
Akiva Goldsman
Producers: Brian Grazer, John Calley


Tom Hanks as Robert
Audrey Tatou as Sophie
Ian McKellen as Leigh

Genre: Thriller

Plot: A symbologist is called into France’s Louvre museum when a man there is discovered dead with symbols cut all over himself. A cute cop (no, not Jean Reno, although he’s pretty cute himself) joins him on his trek to find the meaning behind it all, and to figure out why Tom Hanks’ hair looks so weird here. Oh yeah, religion is involved in the film’s mystery and so is history and a whole bunch of other stuff…that don’t interest me. Da Vinci coding ensues.



Oct. 20th, 2005 03:00 pm
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Finished reading the DaVinci Code yesterday.

Seriously? It isn't that good. It took me about 2 months to read! I see how it can be a fun movie, but it didn't keep me very engaged when I was reading it... it is a kind of 'National Treasure' or 'Sahara' kind of adventure. I'm curious about the film, but the book did not answer to all the hype, not for me anyway.



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Had a good day, not that I've done much. Just put out the icons for you guys, hope you like them, are in the previous post.

Have gotten positive reactions to the christmas presents I gave this year, which is very nice. :) Isen and [ profile] beluga  loved their signed copies of "There and Back Again, an actors Tale" by Sean Astin. Knew Isen would love it, as she wanted the book, the sell for [ profile] beluga  would be the signature. They were both really happy.

Still waiting for some other feedback, but that might have to wait until morning.

I got a lot of cool stuff this year. My parents got me a editing program and a web-camera for the computer, which rocks! So now I'll be editing my films like mad when I'm done with my exams in January, and get the moth off. :)

Got a headset with a microphone for the computer from aunt and uncle in Poland, also much needed.

Aunt in Germany got me a cute sweater, mittens and really soft scarf.

My cousin cave me a funky rock, that you put on this thingy, and it changes color. Very pretty, I like stuff like that.

[ profile] beluga  got me a very nice top and the first two books in the LiveShip trilogy, muchly appreciated. Love Robin Hobb's writing, and need something to do in London after christmas since I only have one day of school a week. She also gave me some X2 clippings

Ivy got me the Keane - Hopes and Fears CD, very nice and calm music. She also gave me a framed picture of me holding her son, when he was only a month old. Really sweet.

Isen gave me a Glitter Lamp and Schindler's List  on DVD, actually never seen the entire film, so am looking forward to it.

Camelia gave me a Toblerone bar and the Van Helsing DVD. Gonna watch it soon.

I also got a fondue set from some acquaintances of my parents, very cool. Will test it out soon.


That's it for this year, very pleased. My parents loved the stuff I'd gotten them. I gave them two pressies each, my mom was worried that I'd spent too much. Silly. Might write more tomorrow, shold actually be focusing all my energy on the second essay this week, so we'll see how far I'll get tomorrow. :)



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It just so nice to be back home, gawd. I was getting pretty sick of London toward the end. Plus I really miss my mom's cooking, according to her I've lost weight again because I don't eat properly while I'm in London. Kind of hard when we get stuff like carrot-lasagna and spinach soup.

Aaaanyways... over to the last week:

Wednesday: Birthday celebration 1. )

Friday: My actual Birthday. )

Saturday: Birthday celebration 2. )

Now I just have to get used to being 22, Geez I was barely used to being 21...

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