Quiet time

Jun. 24th, 2006 12:43 pm
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Was at [personal profile] beluga's on sunday and celebrated her birthday. Was very nice, she made dinner, and served loads of snacks. We all just sat talking, was [profile] isil80[personal profile] laraneia and Camelia ([profile] elinlomheim). [personal profile] laraneia's husband stopped by after we'd eaten dinner. Was nice and calm, discussing various things. [personal profile] beluga was very pleased with her gift from me, a Supernatural collage and a promotinal card. I took the last bus home in the evening, was the last to leave.

Yesterday I drove my parents to the airport. They were leaving for Poland, [personal profile] beluga and I will follow on the 11th of July. They were very exited and I can't blame them, think it will be good for them to just be able to relax and not have to think about too much stuff. They had a good trip down, but their luggage was lost, they got it delivered in the evening though, which was good. Kind of wish I'd gone with them, but then again I think 2 weeks alone here at the house will do me good, and give me some time to figure out some stuff.

In the evening [profile] isil80 and i went to [personal profile] beluga's place for a BBQ, her sister, [profile] ate_yr_bees, was back home from vacation. Her brother and two young cousins + [profile] ate_yr_bees friend were there too. [personal profile] beluga really did a good job, food was lovely and it was a very cozy evening. We all just sat talking, and of course [personal profile] beluga and I discussed some Supernatural related stuff. I got to be a bit cloud outside, so we helped to clean up and went inside. [personal profile] beluga[profile] isil80 and I watched some TV before [personal profile] beluga found her DVD of 'Danny the Dog' (Unleashed). I liked it. One of the best Jet Li films I've seen, not that I've seen to many, but still. I really enjoyed it.
Afterwards we went down to the beach, was bonfire night, but since it was almost midnight we missed the big one. [profile] ate_yr_bees were there with some friends, some of the guys were slightly enebriated, so they provided some entertainment. *laugs*

Other than that I really don't have much to update with. Life is kind of slow. I'm just trying to fill the time with random stuff so that the days pass quickly. Marie will be coming for a little visit a day in the beginning of July, and then I'm off to Poland, yay.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Where's the 'insert picture' button in rich text gone? There's a new movie button, that doesn't work... and the picture button is gone. *sigh*
Give me back the button LJ!!

Winner in the icon poll is X3, gotta admit I didn't expect that, but cool. :)
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It's so hot out it's crazy. 

Been quiet around here lately.

Went to [profile] isil80's birthday on Thursday. Was very nice, sadly the main part of her gift from me is not here yet, but I gave her a little something, so she would have a pressie on the actual day. In the beginning her family was there too, [personal profile] beluga and Camelia came too. I was anice evening, we all just sat talikng and having fun. After a while [profile] isil80's family left, and it was just the four of us left. We were just talking and having fun, was a very nice evening.

Weekend was quiet. Saturday [profile] isil80 and [personal profile] beluga stopped by in the evening, and as you all know we watched the two last eppies of 'Supernatural'. I def have to watch them again, soon! I will be doing a picture-spam-review post. Not quite like that Provenance thing, this'll probably be more angsty. Hehe, yeah.

Not much else happening, hope everybody had a nice weeked.

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Had a good day, not that I've done much. Just put out the icons for you guys, hope you like them, are in the previous post.

Have gotten positive reactions to the christmas presents I gave this year, which is very nice. :) Isen and [livejournal.com profile] beluga  loved their signed copies of "There and Back Again, an actors Tale" by Sean Astin. Knew Isen would love it, as she wanted the book, the sell for [livejournal.com profile] beluga  would be the signature. They were both really happy.

Still waiting for some other feedback, but that might have to wait until morning.

I got a lot of cool stuff this year. My parents got me a editing program and a web-camera for the computer, which rocks! So now I'll be editing my films like mad when I'm done with my exams in January, and get the moth off. :)

Got a headset with a microphone for the computer from aunt and uncle in Poland, also much needed.

Aunt in Germany got me a cute sweater, mittens and really soft scarf.

My cousin cave me a funky rock, that you put on this thingy, and it changes color. Very pretty, I like stuff like that.

[livejournal.com profile] beluga  got me a very nice top and the first two books in the LiveShip trilogy, muchly appreciated. Love Robin Hobb's writing, and need something to do in London after christmas since I only have one day of school a week. She also gave me some X2 clippings

Ivy got me the Keane - Hopes and Fears CD, very nice and calm music. She also gave me a framed picture of me holding her son, when he was only a month old. Really sweet.

Isen gave me a Glitter Lamp and Schindler's List  on DVD, actually never seen the entire film, so am looking forward to it.

Camelia gave me a Toblerone bar and the Van Helsing DVD. Gonna watch it soon.

I also got a fondue set from some acquaintances of my parents, very cool. Will test it out soon.


That's it for this year, very pleased. My parents loved the stuff I'd gotten them. I gave them two pressies each, my mom was worried that I'd spent too much. Silly. Might write more tomorrow, shold actually be focusing all my energy on the second essay this week, so we'll see how far I'll get tomorrow. :)



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Finally had a chance to re-write my big update, split it into LJ-cut, so you're free to jump over stuff.

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I know I haven't been updating my Lj lately, but there hasn't really been that much happening lately. Have finally finished my Film History Essay, hoping I'll at least pass. :P Now I have two minor essay's and an exam and I'll be finished with my first year. Really looking forward to some down-time, I feel really weak and tired lately, so I'm hoping I can keep my strength up for the final haul.

I've chosen my subjects for next year, if I get the subjects I want, I'll have to go to school four times a week before xmas, and once a week after christmas. Funky timetable, but I'm thinking it'll be good with stuff to do before xmas, so hopefully it'll go faster. After xmas I'll use my days off constructively, maybe use Ryan-Air to visit some relatives, tickets to Germany and Poland are cheap if I get a good deal. Will probably go home more often as well to be honest, just have to see what time will allow.

On Sunday I went a quick trip to Stanstead to say hi to dad, he was heading home from Rome, and had to wait there for a couple of hours. I didn't tell him I was coming, so it was a nice surprise. Sounded like he had a great time in Rome, I wanna go one day. Was nice to see him again, even though it's not too long until I go back home. :)

In the evening I was downstairs, Jan Christian and Solbjørg visited the house. Always fun to hear what they have to tell. :) They're going to New York this summer to see Hugh Jackman on Broadway in "Boy from Oz". I am sooo jealous! I told Jan Christian that I want all the details when I come back for my fall-term. He was nice enough to guide me toward some pages online where I could see some clips of Hugh in action.

Other than that I haven't done much really... am just counting the days until I can go home... 9.


That is what I was ready to post in my journal on Wednesday, but some virus had infected the main computer, so the internett access shut down, again. Which leads to a double post within the same post. :P

Wednesday evening was the big semi finals in the Euro Vision song contest, it was rather horrific sight. Was very little I liked to be honest, some things I thought was kind of original or even good, but it didn't have the right feel. If this is what we can expect from the 14 countries already in the final, it might be worth watching just to see what silly gimmicks some of the artists come up with.
I'm not really a fan of the Euro Vision song contest, but for now it was fun just to hang out with the other people in the house and spoof the artists.

On thursday I had a really long day at school, doesn't help that we're finished in my eyes, but can't really do anything about it until next week. In the meantime, I have to fix stuff with my module choices for next year. The registry is on the day I fly home, so I have to fix it in advance.
Thursday evening I went to a local restaurant with Linn, Soma and Camelia. I was really nice, and there was very good food. I ate a big lasagna, so now all the people that have been wiggin' about me loosing weight can take a breather. The evening was fun, we just took it easy, enjoyed our food and talked. Most enjoyable. :)

Still countig the days until I can go home... 7.


A little addition... had a quiet day yesterday. Had a little walk around... think I'm getting the cold again, am just happy I'm heading home soon.

This evening I saw the Euro Vision Song contest, can't fucking believe Greece got third place! Come on! Anyway, was fun. The staff here had made little quizzes and such. I actually won three chocolate bars, who-ho! Kind of funny since I was just guessing wildly.

Now the net is finally back, so I'm hoping to get some work done.

In six days at this time, I'll be home. :)

Van Helsing

May. 7th, 2004 12:36 pm
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I finally got to see "Van Helsing" last night, and I honestly don't know what to think. There was stuff I liked, and there was stuff I didn't like... I might have to say that this is my least favorite Hugh Jackman film.
Stephen Sommers has come a long way since his "Huck Finn" years, and I think he's become a little to fond of CGI effects. Now, you would expect effects from a movie such as this, but at some times I felt they were overdone.

Anyways, I don't expect people to like it to be honest, Camelia hated it, and I could feel that through the entire movie. Benedicte who had joined us seemed to like it though. Thing is, I went to that movie expecting it to suck major quantities of ass, and therefore got better than I expected. Camelia expected it to be fun, and was therefore disappointed. I won't be watching this film with first-timers, if they want to watch it, they'll have to seen it before. I often notice if people don't like films while we're watching them, and I would actually like to see it again in piece and quiet, just to see if I get a different perspective.

I've always had problems with movies where stuff mainly happen in the dark. Even the days in this movie is dark, and that usually brings me down. This movie uses mostly gray and dark gray tones, and I can't really remember anything brighter than that.

I liked the premise of the movie, and the idea behind it, I just don't feel like they realized it as well as they could. It's good as a homage to the old movies, but I'm not sure it does them justice.

Hugh Jackman delivered a great performance, as always.

I really liked David Wenham's character, just things he said and did. He's comic relief and good at it.

Kate Beckinsale... seriously... she does good, but I don't really see the point in her character being a woman other than being a love interest for Van Helsing, and saying "Oh, my God" as often as possible.

Richard Roxburgh, I'm not really sure what to think of him as Dracula, I had a hard time buying it to be honest.

In some ways this movie reminds me of "LXG", but the difference is that "Van Helsing" will probably end up in my DVD collection. Basically because of Hugh Jackman and David Wenham, and the fact that there were some sequences I liked, and some of the dialog was good.

The character of Van Helsing has quite a few things in common with Wolverine, which is probably another reason why I'll end up buying it. I alway like Hugh Jackman in parts like that, am just sad that the movie wasn't better.

Of my friends, I expect Isen might find it enjoyable for some of the same reasons I did. [livejournal.com profile] beluga  on the other hand... I expect she won't like it. Only time will tell.
Camelia claims she liked "Underworld" better, me on the other hand, think "Van Helsing" is a work of art compared to "Underworld". I also like it better than "Spiderman" and "The Hulk". Basically the winning points for me is that I liked some of the characters and bits and pieces here and there basically.

If you're able to enjoy a movie just because of one actor, you probably will like it, I had two actors to keep me occupied, so I got into it.

Tell me what you think, because I'm still not a hundred percent sure. The jury inside my head is hung on this one.


Stuff from other reviews that I agree with. )

After reading ome of the reviews I see that some people are dissapionted by the ending, I liked it tho...

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After my last post I was pretty much ready for bed, was really tired... but ended up watching the last hour of "Kill Bill vol. 1" in the study room with some people. Should rather have continued chatting with [livejournal.com profile] beluga .

Thursday was a long day at school we did some editing, actually think I'm about finished, just have to get the teacher to have a look at it, tell me that it's all wrong, and give it another try. :P
In the evening I was not in the mood to do anything special, ended up back in the study room and watched "Kill Bill vol. 1" again. This time there were more of us, and I just love some of the reactions they had. Especially to the last line in the movie, think they were ready to run to the cinema to watch "Vol. 2".
Afterwards Jan, me and Camelia started watching "Storm Riders", a chinese fantasy, film. Jan left in the middle since he had to go to work the next morning. Me and Camelia watched the whole thing. Must admit that I was bored out of my mind for the first 30mins of the movie, but then it got a bit interesting, very simple movie, but I liked some of the effects.

Yesterday I got my period and spent most of the day in bed, was totally wiped out. Tried doing some work on my essay and have about 400 words now... out of the required 2000, still have 17 days to finish it tho.
In the evening Camelia went out, I watched telly: "EastEnders", "My Family", "Friends", "Will and Grace" and "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". Jonathan Ross was interviewing Clive Owen, who's playing Arthur in the upcoming "King Arthur" movie. He's one of the people who's been tipped as the next Bond. He might actually be able to do it, but I'm not to keen on him... it's not like when I heard Pierce was getting the role and thought "perfect!".

Today I slept late, just took it easy. Had a quick trip out to buy some goodies and top up my phone. So far that's it for today.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to feel good enough to go up to Milton Keys, to CM5. Had half a mind to not go, but have promised Isen to get 3 autographs for her, so I don't want to let her down.

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It just so nice to be back home, gawd. I was getting pretty sick of London toward the end. Plus I really miss my mom's cooking, according to her I've lost weight again because I don't eat properly while I'm in London. Kind of hard when we get stuff like carrot-lasagna and spinach soup.

Aaaanyways... over to the last week:

Wednesday: Birthday celebration 1. )

Friday: My actual Birthday. )

Saturday: Birthday celebration 2. )

Now I just have to get used to being 22, Geez I was barely used to being 21...

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Both Camelia and I were under the weather, she's got the flu and I've got my period. It's hit me pretty hard this time, and resulted in an asthma attack on friday + 2 close calls.

Anyways, I managed to drag myself to the London Film and Comic Con.

Day 1 - Pre Talk 1 )

Talk 1 )


Day 2 - Talk 2. )


All in all... )

Quiet day.

Mar. 3rd, 2004 06:01 pm
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It's been a quiet day so far. Had breakfast, cleaned the room went to school and felt bored. Felt sick on the buss-ride to school, so I had problems concentrating in class. :P
Got back to the house, Camelia was watching "Richard III" (the one with Ian McKellen). She hadn't got far so she rewound the tape, and we watched it together. I got bored at some point and almost fell asleep. But managed to watch the whole thing. Worth watching fro RINGERS just because of how it ends. heh.
And now I am here in front of the computer. Hope everybody has a nice day. ;)

Nice Day

Feb. 28th, 2004 05:09 pm
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Had a nice morning today. Camelia's at an audition. Went down early to breakfast and had talk with the other people at the table, agreed to meet up with Soma to take a walk in Notting Hill.
I had a little talk with mom on the phone before I went out, everything is going great back home.

I met up with Soma at 11 and we went out and had a look around the shops. Went to a book-store looking for some books that BELUGA asked me to look for. She's gotten pretty into Sharpe recently, so she asked if I could hunt for the books. They had quite a few at Waterstones so she'll just have to put in her order.
After wards we just walked around. Discovered a library up the street with free internet access. Not that I'm going to use it, it's just nice to know. It was very nice to just walk around and have a peek.
We went our separate ways after a while, since Soma had to meet up with a friend, and I had some small things to do.

When I got back to the house I just took it easy and watched "Naked Gun" on video. Haven't seen it in a few years, so i wanted to see if it was as funny as I remembered it. It wasn't. It's amusing, but I didn't laugh my head of like I did when I was a kid.
After wards I saw "Crocodile Dundee". Also a movie I haven't seen in ages, but wanted to see if I still liked it. I do. It's a charming film, and has a nice view on cultural differences. It was fun.

That's about all I've done so far today. Dinner's in about an hour, so I better get cracking on my web-surfing. :)

Lazy Days

Feb. 27th, 2004 07:23 pm
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Camelia and I went the cinema this morning to see "Peter Pan", but when we got there the cinema was closed, and after a peek at the program we discovered that it wasn't running anymore.
After that Camelia went on her way to get some music stuff, and I went to the shop to buy some goodies.

Haven't really done much today, saw "Dead Letter Office" with Miranda Otto. I taped it before Christmas and haven't got around to watching it. It was a very sweet film, and I think I might hold on to it for a while.

I finally called showmasters today. Talked with a scott, I just love that accent. Anyways, purchased tickets for the LOTR talk next Saturday for Camelia and me, and then one for me on Sunday. There are two different ones. I'll bring my video-camera, and photo-camera, so I'll get something. :)
Looking forward to it.


Jan. 19th, 2004 06:28 pm
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Am really tired, and might fall asleep at any second, but will get through this update first.
Had our "X-Men" evening on Sunday. I had lots of fun. Hey, I got to watch Wolverine for almost 4 hours, of course I'm happy. ;)
[livejournal.com profile] beluga, Camelia and Isen were gathered around my television getting first rate evolution lessons. ;) I love those movies, still not quite sure if I like one better than the other. The second movie is merely a continuation, and i can't wait for the next part. ;)
Wolverine rulez!

A little test.
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Am finally back home where I belong. Am really tired.

I was really happy to get home, bad thing is that my mom's in the hospital and might not get out until monday. She had to remove her appendix, I was worried, but she's doing fine.

On Wednesday Camelia and I went to see "The Return of the King"
That movie fucking rocked! I don't cry at movies, but my tears were running down my cheeks continuously. It was an amazing film. I did miss some stuff from the book, but am hoping that the extended vrs will make up for some of it.
Legolas bugged me in this film, much like he did in "Two Towers". I felt like screaming "DUH!" almost every time he said something.
Some people complain that the ending is too long, and that they kept thinking it would end. I also noticed this in the other people in the cinema. But since I knew what the last scene was going to be, I just sat back and enjoyed it as long as it lasted.
I wanna see it again! NOW!

Will write more about everything later, just wanted to say that I got home in one piece!
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I feel like crap, just feel like bitching a little. My body's aching, my throat is sore, my nose runny and I think my lungs wanna run away every time I cough. Am goin mad, I was just sick for cryin' out loud!
Am going to school tomorrow to film Camelia's exam. (she's doing a play.) That'll look great if the camera keeps jolting every time I cough. Ah, and on tuesday I have a 7 hour day. I'll have to push most of the work on my group mates, coz my concentration is shoot to hell. They'll manage, at least I'll be there.
I just want to go home now, am sick of everything!

Hope you're having fun tho. ;)
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Camelia and I + to mates went to the cinema yesterday and watched "Master and Commander". I didn't expect anything from this movie, and I don't like Russel Crowe, but went to see it anyway. God, that movie was booooooring. First of I knew what was going to happen before it did, except one or two things with the doctor. When the movie was over, I was like; "That's it!?! That's what the critics have been raving about!?!" I was pleased to find out that I wasn't the only person who felt this way. Camelia and our two mates were bored as well, and Camelia loves every movie! I know Lily and Isen liked it. I'm happy that at least they enjoyed it, but I was seriously bored. The fight sequences were short and poorly co-ordinated. I'm starting to wonder if we saw the same movie as everyone else? Ah, well. Each to his own, I guess. But I must say that I prefer both "Sharpe" and "Hornblower" if we're going to rate stories based on books based on the Napoleonic wars. (Probably not the correct term, but I don't care.) The only thing I cared about in this movie was the relationship between the doctor and the little boy who had his arm cut off.

Last weekend Camelia and I saw "Timeline". It was entertaining, but I imagine the book was much better. For me, it was mainly ruined by the horrible acting of Frances O'Connor, everytime she was on screen I was cringing, because she was so terrible. What held my interest in this movie was the storyline with Gerard Butler and Anna Friel. The rest I didn't really bother with. It was an enjoyable movie for what it was, but there's no question that it could have been done sooo much better.

In conclusion, if you're gonna watch these movies, wait until they come out on video or on the telly.
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Saw "The Time Machine" yesterday! That movie really sucked! I've seen the old version, and that one was just plain boring, but this new version
was terrible! Geez! The old version is a masterpiece compared to this version. The monkey people (Morlocks) just looked terrible, I was laughing my ass off when they showed up on screen. And the humans (Eloi), well, don't have too much to say about that... Another thing, I don't usually have anything to say about the score of the movie, but I can't shut up about this one. The music was really irritating, it sounded like a tape recorder that's running out of batteries. Just plain terrible. Hmm, I should shut up now, cos I'm just rambling.

Saw "V Garham Norton" this evening, Val Kilmer was a guest... is that guy on drugs?? Or is he just slow? I think being the voice for Moses got to his head... he had a full-grown beard, and just basically looked like a hobo. Ok, 'll shut up, don't want to offend any fans. Urgh...
Then I saw "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne were on, always funny. They started talking on one time Kelly had walked in on
and Ozzy while they ere having sex. Disturbing. I really like that talk show, it's not so typical as the other talk-shows. He usually has fun guests anyway.

Hmm, am really rambling today aren't I? I'm just bored. Camelia is out at a concert; Händel's "Messiah". Then she's going to a party. I'm staying home for two reasons; I've got my period, and I don't really know the people having the party. Besides I'm not really a party person, I prefer quiet cafe's or just staying in with some friends. Ah, well I still have fun, just in a more quiet day.

Oh! I almost forgot! I got a C+ on my "Reading Film" test! It counts for 30% of my final grade, so I'm happy. I was so sure I had flunked. Last lesson he went through some stuff and said what people had done wrong, and then I just though. "This can't have gone well." Now, just before he was going to hand out the test yesterday, he said that four people in our class had gotten an F, and then I was soooo sure I had flunked. So, he handed them out, and I wasn't going to look at it, but couldn't help myself, and there it was! A C+! I almost jumped out of my chair and did a happy dance, but managed to contain myself. I am so pleased. I know C+ isn't the greatest grade in the world, but it's the best one I've gotten in quite some time. :)

Bought the soundtrack for "The Return of the King" today. It was beautiful! Wow! Just great to get into the spirit before the movie. Billy Boyd and Viggo Mortensen are featured on the Cd, very nice. I thought Liv Tyler was also supposed to have a song on the track, but I might have been misinformed.
So, now three of the hobbits are featured on some kind of CD, just need to hear Sean Astin. I'm crossing my fingers for Sam's little song in Cirith Ungol. They didn't really want to answer that at the "Collectormania 4" screening. So I'm choosing to take the silence as a "yes". Ah, well, I'll find out in 12 days!
I don't really know what to make of Annie Lennox's song... I like it, but I just can't connect it to "Lord of the Rings". I just can't, but I was the one who wanted Enya to sing the title song for all three films. "May it Be" is my favorite one so far anyway. People might disagree with me, and they are welcome to do so, but I'm sticking with my choice

Think I'll sign off now, am getting fed up with writing.
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It's a little later than we'd hoped, but I don't care! We've got tickets! The only thing keeping me from jumping around the room like a crazy person is that most of the people we live with are in the next room, and I don't want to make a complete ass of myself. *Mentally jumping around like a crazy person*

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Camelia and I got back from Hull late last night. The train was an hour delayed. That really is too bad! I have the day off today, so it didn't affect me that much, but Camelia has school, so I don't think she was to happy about it.

We had a really nice time in Hull, got to sleep late and just relax, that was lovely. We had a quick trip to York as well, it was really nice with all the christmas-lights and everything. On Saturday we spent a great deal of our tim in the middle of Hull, in a shopping center that's built on the water. Pretty cool, it has a whole boat theme.

I didn't buy much, just some magazines, and a christmas present. I know what I want to get people, so now i just have to figure out a gift for Camelia and one for my dad. Everybody else I've already bought something for or know what I'm gonna get and where to get it.

I'm Back!

Nov. 27th, 2003 02:15 pm
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Am back from my little shopping trip, I got delayed a bit, cos Camelia wanted to get lunch and stuff before we went out. Then she had to do some other stuff, so I ended up going without her. All I needed was a little something for visiting my aunt and uncle, and a top-up card for my mobile. I got a box of chocolates for my aunt and uncle, and topped up my mobile, and was back here in about 30 minutes. Camelia's gone of to school to get some references for school-applications.

I'm just taking it easy. Went to school this morning, but my teacher was out sick, I just had to sign in to prove that I had actually been there and then I got the questions for the essay. We can choose between three different things, so I think I might go with taking a closer look at "Memento". I watched it for the first time yesterday, and really liked it. I never thought I would, cos I didn't like "Pulp Fiction" because of the whole "jumping around in time" thing, but it really worked for "Memento". Want to get my hands on the DVD cos then you can apparently see it in chronological order as well.
I also saw "Star Trek: Nemesis" yesterday. It was an ok movie, I like the series better though. But I did get a big kick out of Bryan Singer's cameo. He's only in it for a second, so if you blink you miss him. Camelia got to know a guy here that's really in to "Star Trek", so of course she wanted to see what it was all about, and then of course I've got to come along as well. "Star Trek" isn't nearly as terrible as I thought. It's actually enjoyable. Hehe, I'm a bit mean. It's a good show, but I can't quite understand the hype.

We had a christmas workshop as well yesterday. We made christmas-cards. They had put out hot-chocolate, gløgg, gingerbread-men and clementine's for us as well. It was very cozy, they even put on a christmas CD. Personally I still think it's a bit too early, but I had fun. My cards didn't look to good. I felt like the others were really trying to make their cards a work of art, but I just put on different stuff in the hopes that it would look good, and some did. ;)

Was on the net a couple of days ago, and found THIS(There's nothing wrong with the file). I found it utterly hysterical, but that's probably because I know who made it. And I'm not telling you... not yet anyways... :p You might already know, anyways. But I do suggest you have a listen.
I also found a POTC Blooper Reel! Hope someone might find it enjoyable. ;)

Think I'll stop for now, gotta start thinking about getting things ready for tomorrow, we're leaving quite early.

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