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Funny movie quote

Hot Fuzz hilarity
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Captain tightpants is back!
Nathan Fillion in the new promo for "Drive".
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Looks like it could be a cool show, I am defenetly checking it out when it starts up.

Norwegian insurance ad:

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Is it weird that I want that little baby mouse? It's kind of cute in a ugly way... the E.T.  effect.

X-Men-3:The Last Standing Ovation Trailer 

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Wolverine (AKA:Logan) has a past that could change the fate of the X-Men forever. 

You know you're obsessed with Supernatural when..
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Its not always easy for the stars to learn a new language... Se Christina Aguilera, J.Lo, Ellen Pompeo and many more try to say the title of a norwegian TV-show.
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You should all really watch it, as it is funny, and some of you might enjoy some of the people trying tto say the title of this show. Basically what they're trying to say is 'Absolutt underholdning', which is the title of a Norwegian entertainment show. The title means 'absolute entertainment'.
You can ask me later who did the best job. ;)


Nov. 22nd, 2006 05:34 pm
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Have notice some of my flist are a bit down, so I'm hoping these vids will cheer you up a little bit.
it's for the rest of you too, just a bit of fun.

Vids )

Think I covered al the fandoms that have shown up on my flist. ;)


Jul. 9th, 2006 10:35 pm
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Lol, I totally get her reaction.
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I suspect most of you have either seen Elizabethtown, or let it pass without watching it. I saw it over 3 weeks ago, so the review is a bit late... but anyhoo...

With help from Theater Hopper and [personal profile] beluga I bring you my review )

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