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Found on Tumblr, and I just had to share because I find it very accurate.

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I doubt anybody's surprised, but since I've been so into Uncharted lately I made a whole bunch of Uncharted 4 icons.
Putting the links to my icon journal in case anybody wants to have a look.

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

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Will be a while before I can get my hands on it, but can't wait. It's looking awesome.
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I am so excited for this game.

This is def on my Christmas wish list. :D
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On tuesday I had a good day, got a msg from Isen asking if I wanted to hang out. So i went, was there until 17:30. Saw the "Smallville" episode with Christopher Reeve, was ok. Afterwards we saw "Where the heart is" with Natalie Portman, was very cute.
When I got back home I just took it easy for a while, tried out my "X-Men" game on the Play Station, was cool. I used Wolvie to beat the crap out of Gambit, amusing.
[ profile] beluga  dropped by in the evening, we just dropped on the couch and watched some TV, she stole my chocolates! ;P We saw "Bend It Like Bedkham", very cute movie. Afterwards we saw "Friends".
All in all a pretty easy going day.

Yesterday was "help-mommy-day". Went to the store and bought a whole lot of food. Then I had to go buy coffee and peal the potatoes. Was ok.
We took a break and watched "Gilmore Girls", Isen dropped by to hand over some cash so I can get some stuff for her in London. She left and I  did a little work on my homepage.
I the evening she dropped by again, we tested the "X-Men" game. Then we drove to the cinema, met up with [ profile] beluga . We saw "Hidalgo". Was an oki movie, my main complaint is that it was rather slow paced, might have been a big hit a couple of decades ago. The acting and imagery was very good though. The biggest kick I got was the "Van Helsing" trailer before the movie began. :) Must admit it made me like horses a little better, had about a month when I was a kid where I was horse-crazy, but then I lost interest and couldn't figure out what the big deal was. 

Today I had some stuff to do for my mom as well. Went to the pharmacy and the post office, and took the dog to the vet.
I worked a little more on my homepage, decided to stay in today as my asthma was bugging me.
Made spaghetti and saw "Finding Nemo" with my mum.

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We're sick. My head feels pretty heavy and I have a runny nose, same goes for Belgua. She seems a little more high-spirited than me though.
Yesterday after we got back, we didn't do much... think the most exiting thing was watching "O Brother where Art Thou", I was feeling pretty shitty by that time anyway, so a evening doing nothing was right up my alley.
Ami (my dog) ran away at one point, my dad, mom, Beluga and I ran out looking for him. I was two seconds for just starting to cry, when I saw mom coming up the road with him in her arms. I could have strangled him, but was just so happy to have him back.

During the night, Ami was sick, and threw up. Beluga and I had to clean it up. NASTY! Which resulted in a lack of sleep.

Today we had a big family breakfast, it was good. Quiet morning. As I wrote earlier, Beluga and I are sick. My aunt has basically lost her voice, so it's a sick-house here right now.
After the family breakfast we went to Fen-markt (possibly spelled wrong). A big market where they had a lot of crap, but I found two things amongst it all. "X-Men: Mutant Academy 2" game for my Play Station, and a lighter, that I'm gonna paint to look like the one Pyro has in "X2". It was pretty cheap, got the game for 14 Euro and the lighter for 2 Euro.
In the afternoon, Beluga and I rented "Matchstick Men". It was ok. From the commercials I had gotten the impression that it was going to be a somewhat amusing crime-caper, but it wasn't. Basically Nicolas Cage plays a neurotic con man who gets to know his 14 year old daughter while pulling off a con with his partner Frank. It's more serious than I had gotten the impression of anyway. I'd probably have appreciated it more if I'd had a better clue of what to expect.

Tomorrow I'm going to the hairdresser... Friday we're going to the Dom... other than that, I have no clue.
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Made it to Germany in one piece... almost. :p

Beluga came over Tuesday evening, to sleep over since we were leaving early next morning. We didn't get much sleep, I was tired, but my body and brain wouldn't listen + Beluga chattering beside me most of the night didn't help much. It didn't matter tho, got up in the morning without much trouble.
Eventually we got moving, and got on board the boat. We hurried to the seating area, since we wanted seats by the window. That didn't happen. We had reserved places in Captain's class which basically means we get a buffet on the 2.5 hour boat trip. Eat as much as you like.
Most people were finished eating before the boat left port, I waited a little while, but finally fetched some food.
Bad thing was that there would be about 1.5-2 meter high waves during the trip, something they mentioned after I had eaten. The waves hit us on the side on the back of the boat, so it was a pretty bad rocking motion. I sat with my eyes closed, just focusing on my breathing, and trying to zone out the people around me that started throwing up. After a while my mom got sick and started throwing up, which made it really hard to ignore. Didn't take long before I got sick as well. Beluga, and my parents thought I was sleeping since I had my eyes closed, but it was just so I wouldn't have to look at the pucking people. writing a little too much in detail about this... in short, my mom and I got sea-sick. Beluga and my dad din't.
When we eventually got our feet on land again I was pretty knackered, and was just happy that I wouldn't have to endure more waves for a while.
After an about 6 hour drive we arrived in Hamburg, and got a huge welcome from my family. It was great to see them all again, and I'm just happy to be here. When we got to my aunts apartment she gave us enough food to feed a small village. I took it as I had only eaten a little dry bread, and some gum since the boat ride.
We went to bed early, 21:00, took a while before I got to sleep tho. I was knackered. Beluga wasn't tired at all, poor thing, don't think I was pretty good company that day.

The next morning we had to get up at 09:00, which I didn't really mind. Would have loved to sleep some more, but I got up without much trouble. We went to a local mall, which is walking distance from the flat. Bought some candy. Then we went to a bigger mall called "Elbe". I got my eye on a "X-Men" game for Play Station 1, we'll probably be going there again, so I think I'll buy it. After wards we went to yet another shopping mall, I just bought a Coke, as the air in that mall was really thick and it didn't take long before I started feeling I'll. Helped with a little to drink tho.
The evening we just took it easy, think all of us were pretty knackered. Most of the grownups went to bed at at 21:00, Beluga and I stayed up watching Nirvana stuff on German MTV until 23:15. After that we just talked and had fun. Don't think we really went to sleep until about 02:00.

We had to get up at 09:00 again this morning, that was hard. I didn't get up more out of spite than the fact that I was tired. Ended up with someone letting the air out of the mattress we were sleeping on. I gave up in the end and got up. We didn't do much today, had a drive around the city, had a little look around. We saw the city hall, and the channel with the boats. Lastly we drove to the Repobahn, which is basically a very seedy area, with nudy bars, hookers, and such. Sad thing is that there's a police station in the same street, and a church at the other end of the street. We just drove through it, wasn't really tempting to step out of the car.
We were supposed to go to the "Hamburg Dom" this evening, which is a big traveling amusement park. But it's a holy day, so it's closed. Belgua and I have just taken it easy, spent some time reading our books, and figuring out what we can do while we're here. :)

Tomorrow we're going to a camp site, and will sleep over until Sunday. Looking forward to it. :)

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