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I went to the cinema on Thursday with [profile] isil80 to see Star Trek. I wasn't really that psyched about the film, but i found it would be a nice way to remember Lars. He was such a big fan of The Next Generation series, and I'm sure that if he were still alive he would have gone to see this. So I guess I went in his place

J.J. Abrams took it upon himself to bring the original Star Trek crew back to the big screen. Not being to familiar with the original franchise I was curious if this movie would pull me in and introduce the characters to me in a way that would be satisfactory to a non-Trekkie.

From the get-go there are a few clichés, but one can forgive this as the story is well put together and you’re taken on a fun ride. It servers up a good story, with humour and intrigue. Abrams manages to introduce us to the main players in a good way, but I couldn’t help feeling it wasn’t enough. We follow Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) from childhood, and the rest of the crew are introduces as the story progresses. Personally I wanted to know a little more about the characters, but there simply wasn’t enough time to do this and keep the story moving.

The back-story of the main villain, the Romulan Nero (Eric Bana), is explained, but I also felt that some more screen time, maybe showing more of his struggle would have been helpful. What happened to him and his motivations for what he’s doing are understandable. However you never get the sense of who he really is, you never quite reach that slight feeling of pity for what he’s been through.

The movie does suffer from the Jason Bourne camera work during fight sequences, it is at times hard to follow who is hitting whom, but this is not the most sever case of quick editing and shaky camera work that I’ve seen, so I’m willing to forgive it.

Having said all this it is a well rounded movie, and if my main complaint is that I wanted a little longer run time to flesh out some things, and a few shaky camera moves, it ain’t half bad.

While I think the whole cast did a really good job and I loved Simon Pegg as Scotty and Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy I gotta say that Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of Spock stole the spotlight. For a character that is for the most part devoid of emotion, Quinto managed to use his eyes and mannerisms to convey the cracks in the Vulcan’s mask. Very well done indeed.

To sum up the movie has its faults, but it is a fun ride. J.J. Abrams has managed to create something new here, and has opened the door for completely new adventures for the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise. I have no doubt a sequel will soon follow.

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I went to the cinema yesterday and saw The Dark Knight with beluga, P, laraneia and isil80.
Sadly we ended up almost at the last row in the back of the cinema, which makes it at bit easier to be distracted from the screen. Beluga and I had two brats sitting behind us,that loved to giggle, talk and kick the seats. To either side of us on our row there were people who pulled out their cell phones during the film, and there was one woman in front of me who seemed to have her phone out and was texting constantly throughout the film. I wanted to hand them all over to The Joker and let him have some fun with them.
Though all this was very distracting while watching the film, I have tried to gather my thoughts and here's some of them.

 Spoiler free.


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[profile] isil80 and I went to the cinema to see ‘The Fountain’ on Thursday, or should I rather say, she joined me. I’d kind of lost the will to see it after waiting for what’s felt like forever, but I finally decided that it’d been to long since my last trip to the cinema and I was in the mood to loose myself in the dark for a couple of hours.

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Directed by:Stefen Fangmeier
Written by:Peter Buchman
Cast:Jeremy Irons, Robert Carlyle, Djimon Hounsou, Sienna Guillory, Ed Speleers, John Malkovich

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I got back from the cinema a little while ago, watched 'Happy Feet' with isil80 and her cousin, and laraneia and her husband.
I wanted to write a little review.

Directed by:George Miller
Written by:Warren Coleman, John Collee, George Miller, Judy Morris
Cast:Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy
Studio:Warner Bros

Short review, so if there's any questions, shoot!
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I've been crazy busy, that's why I haven't been posting much.
I've managed to get through my flist somehow, don't always comment, but I read.
Lots to do at work, [ profile] beluga was here this weekend, visited [ profile] isil80.
Will try to write a real update about everything and write reviews as soon as possible.
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Weird evening, after my last post about finding the LP, I got ready for the cinema. Wanted to wash my hair as I was working tomorrow, and the movie started late. 
Anyway, when I've finished I get a call from Odd (my boss) saying I don't have to come in tomorrow, and if I could come to his offices on Saturday to help out with some stuff, getting it cleared up a bit. I said yes. It's just a bit of tidying, should be okay. Anyway he said he was getting an office ready for the finance guy, one for himself, and get this; one maybe for me! All I've been expecting was a chair, maybe my own desk, not my own office. Still very cool, and shows that things are going forward with the movie. Yay.
Then comes the not so great, I have an hour left before leaving for the cinema, and my dad gets a call. When he's done he asks us; 'How do you feel about moving to the new flat on the 10th of December?' I'm not very happy about it... We were supposed to move in on January 10th. My mom gets all excited, and basically says 'Yes!' before my brain has even processed the information. I say okay, but also that I'm not happy about it, and because I'm a fucking weakling I start crying. I have no idea why I started crying, really. My dad hugs me and my mom worries a bit. I just say it's silly, and my dad says that it's not silly to have feelings. I mean, I was looking forward to a final christmas here, but that's not reason to start crying, hate it when I get like this. Was kind of suprised about how worried they got at my little outburst to be honest. Not important though.
They know I'm not thrilled about the move in general, and now they know that I'm really not happy about having the actual date moved up as well. I've told them that I'm not to crazy about moving, but that I do understand why they're doing this. I'm not blaming them, but I can't help the way I feel either. I've gotten the impression that my mom feels guilty about it, she's trying to buy me off by promising me one of those expensive video iPod thinges... not an iPod, but one of those things that's like an iPod. Not gonna lie, I really want one, but wouldn't feel right like this. 
Bah, hate feeling like this... must focus on the positive. At least this will mean a nice quiet christmas.

Sorry guys, you must be so sick of my ramblings about this by now. So now on to happier things again:

I went to the cinema with isil80. We saw 'Scoop'. Now, normally I would never pay to watch a Woody Allen, especially one he stars in, as the guy annoyes the living shit out of me. And I've never been a big fan of  Scarlett Johansson either for some reason. But this was also a film starring Hugh Jackman, so I just had to give it the benefit of the doubt. 
It's not a great film, but I enjoyed it very much. I laughed, I was stressed, I was hooked on Hugh's accent. Must say I was jealous of Scarlett on more than one occation, but lets not go there. 

I read somewhere that it was a letdown for Woody fans, which probably explains why I enjoyed it. I thought it was funny and chariming, everybody did a good job and my annoyance at Woody's fidgeting was rather low. Hugh seemed so incredibly at ease with his character that I could almost believe that's how he is in everyday life. It was kind of hypnotic to watch. (for lack of a better word). All in all I found it very enjoyable, and it will end up in my DVD collection at some point, that much I can guarantee.

Think die hard "Deadwood"  fans would have enjoyed it as well, as Ian McShane had one of the main parts as well. It was also very nice to see Anthony Head again, even though it was only at a very short scene at the end of the film.

Also it looked to have been mainly shot in the area I lived when I was in London. Gotta admit it was distracting at times, but also very fun to see some of my old scenery again. There was actually a scene in the film at the only pub in Holland Park that I could stand; The Mitre, very low on smoke. That bit made me squee. They were mainly in the Holland Park and surrounding areas for the scenes in the city.

That's it for now. Might have to think about getting some sleep soon. 
Tomorrow will be good:
Some of my online auctions are closing, and so far a few of them have fetched well over the asking price, which makes me very happy.
I have the day off, and can get some stuff done.
And most importantly: IT's "Supernatural" day! Yay. :D

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Went rummaging through my parents old LP's. I thought they had thrown them away so haven't thought more about it till my mom mentioned the just now. There wasn't much to find, mostly old Polish artists that I doubt will provide the kind of music I like. But I did find something! The Rolling Stones! As far as I can tell the LP is from 1982, still sounds very good. Listening to it right now. How cool is that? Squeee!! Just pure awesomeness!

In other news my online auction, is doing good. If the rest of the stuff I'm selling goes too, I might be able to get myself something as well after all the christmas presents have been aquired. Yay. Hehe.

Am going to the cinema later on with [profile] isil80 to see 'Scoop'. Have asked [personal profile] beluga to join, but haven't heard anything back, thinking she's tired from school.
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Looks like autum is finally getting its hold over here. We still have warm days, but it's also getting colder. It's nice, I like it. I'm kind of looking forward to winter, snow and such. I know that'll bring me closer to the move, but part of me is just looking forward to get that over with. 

According to the question comments in my last post, only 11 people on my flist actually sees my posts... or the rest just doesn't care. I mean, out of about 60 people that's not to good. Ah, well. Not much I can do about it really.

Not much has happened since my last post, had the day off on Monday which was nice. Dropped some boxes off at isil80's place. She's storing some stuff for me. For which I am very thankful. Rest of the day I tried going through more stuff. So far I've managed to throw away two rather big boxes of old magazines, and one with broken old toys and basic junk. Think I'm off to a godd start. I've gotten some more bids on  my online auction, which means I'll at least be able to pay off the fees for the auctions.
Isn't it typical though, that now that I really have no money I find clothes I'd love to buy, DVDs I've been wanting on sales and such. The money I earn on the auction though is going straight into my account though. It's not a lot so far, so will have to spend it wisely, besides christmas is approaching so need the cash to buy presents. :)

Was at work yesterday and today. The class learned about acting, new teacher. He was kind of cute, but I think he knew it...
Anyway they learned about acting, was fun to see them trying to work with the assignments he gave them. These are all kids that have choosen a major that will take them behind the camera, and none of them were really that comfortable in front of it. I went through the same thing when we had acting at my school. I think it's good that they did it though, it goes a long way to understand how things work from the actor's point of view too, and I think it'll make them better at being directors. 
I got to film them as they performed. Oh, how I've missed working with a camera! I had no idea till I was back doing it. The camera's they use are very different from what I'm used to, but got the hang of it. I really want to make something, a short thing... I really should get the footage I already have edited and such before I start something new though.

I was discussing movies with two of the male students today; Even and Bård. Somehow we got on to sci-fi movies, and suddenly Even says that 'Serenity' is the worst sci-fi movie he's ever seen. I think I startled him when I said; 'No!' Heh, seriously, how can you hate that movie? I get that not everybody loves it, but hate!?!? Bård seemed to have liked it though. I didn't discuss it much further. Usually I defend my fave movies and such, but he's techniqally my student so I didn't really feel my fangirlie mode had anything to do in that classroom.

After work I've usually been pretty beat. I have rather short days, but still get rather tired. Guess I just have to get back into the rythm of it. As it is now I'm tired till like 18:00 and then I finally feel awake. So when It's time to go to bed I'm wide awake. Ah, well. Like I said, just have to get into the new rythm of things again.

Looks like I might have to work on Friday. :(
Means I won't be able to start looking for the new SPN ep till 14:30. Ah well, I'll still get it on friday, so I shouldn't complain. We'll see though, depends on what they're supposed to be doing that day.
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I'm getting the impression that all my posts aren't showing up on my flist again. So figured I'd provide links to some of my previous posts:
Of vampires and zombies   [21 Oct 2006|11:16am]   
Supernatural - 204   [21 Oct 2006|12:42am]  
Just hope this post shows up on your flists. Hmm, do me a favour? If you can see this, comment, even if there's nothing else of interest in this post, just tell me if you can see it.

I stumbeled over this meta about Dean's shirt in the last episode (204). It's pretty convincing, but I'm still not quite sure, help convince me. 

[profile] starlit_woods made me very happy today. He linked me to this vid:
[Error: unknown template 'video']It's Take That's new song. NEW! I had no idea this would make me so happy, but seriously, I'm bouncy after this. I guess that 13 year old fan girl in me is still alive and kicking. Thank you so much again [profile] starlit_woods!!!

It's been a quiet week really. Not much to do at work, just watching the groups movies and giving them feedback. Was interesting to see the process from this end. They're still pretty new to it all, and I could see where they had been having trouble, but hopefully they've taken something away from this project and can therefore make the next one better.
They're off to Bergen this weekend, showing one of the films. Hope it turns out good for them,

I've been off since Thursday, and won't have to be back at work until Tuesday, which is nice. 
Most of Thursday I went through my old stuff that was stored in the garage. A lot of memories crammed into a few boxes. Have thrown away quite a bit of stuff. I saved a lot of magazines the last time we moved, threw them away this time. Looked through a couple, made an amusing discovery. I kept finding pictures and posters of this young guy and thought he looked rather familiar, found a poster with his name; Jesse Spencer, didn't quite connect the dots, and then it hit me. Had to laugh, he looked so young and goofy, the mags were from 97-99, so he was in his late teens in the pictures I found. I saved some of them, for now, will have to see if they survive the move.
In the afteroon I went for a visit to [personal profile] beluga. He bf had left for a long vacation on monday, so wanted to cheer her up. We just sat talking and taking it easy, was very nice. She showed me the first three episodes of "Dexter". I liked it, din't think I would when I first heard about the show, but the characters are well done, and Dexter himself is absurdly likeable. It's mordbi and funn, a nice twist.

Friday was quiet, I got a hold of "Supernatural - 204". Chatted a little with [profile] isil80. Started making stuff ready for my online auction, am getting rid of som stuff I don't need. 
[personal profile] beluga came by, we watched "Supernatural", twice. I would have watched again, I loved that episode. We talked a bit and had fun, was a nice afternoon. She had to leave early as she was doggie sitting. In the evening I took it easy and went through some more stuff to either sell or throw away.

Saturday I returned to the garage, think I'm done with the major work in there for now. Just have to get stared on my room now, pack what I won't be needing until January, maybe find some more stuff to sell, and try to throw away some things as well.
We discussed a little bit how to best utilize the space in the new flat, my parents have to get rid of a lot of furniture, luckily I get to keep most of mine. The only think I have to leave behind is my desk, and I'm pretty happy about that as it's practically falling apart. In the new flat I'll be getting a fold out couch and a new desk, which I'm very pleased about as it's needed. Will maybe get a new chair to, depends on how things look when we've moved in. No rush though. I have everything I need, and if I start payed employment in January I won't be home much, ergo, won't need those things straight away, and will also be able to help pay for it when we get it.
I ended up putting up a few of my things for slae at my online auction yesterday before crashing in fromt of the computer to check out what kind of show "The Class" is. Was only going to watch one, but ended up watching the first three. I am amused. It's a very simple premise, but I am enjoying it. Think I needed a comedy series that I haven't seen a million times before. 

Today I've been taking it easy, adding some things to my online auction, tidying up a little, and rummaging through the storage space to see what of my stuff had ended up there. Might be a few more choice items that ends up being sold. We'll see. Would be nice to actually get some money for some of it. Money that would be my own, that I'd earned. Heh, anyways, been helping a little around the house as well. Now I'm ready to call it quits for today, unless I get inspired to go crawling in the storage space again looking for stuff. 

Hope everybody had a nice weekend!
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[personal profile] beluga ordered me to share this video with you guys. I don't mind, it really amused me.
[Error: unknown template 'video']
Thought I had finished  "Prison Break" yesterday. Turned out I have another episode before I can start season 2. I only figured it out because one of [profile] isil80's icons featured something from the last episode and it struck me after I'd gone to bed that I hadn't seen that. So am in the process of getting it now and will get to watch it later. 

My mom's feeling much better now, coughing has calmed down quite a bit so she's very happy about that.

I might be taking a trip to Oslo in the beginning of November. Visiting Janki, and hopefully getting to see him perform in 'Hair'. Will have a talk with him on Monday and see how it works out. Would be so fun if it worked out.


Oct. 5th, 2006 11:50 pm
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We sold the house. No other bids came in this morining, but by the time I finished the post this morning I was pretty sure that's how it would go. So as of 12:00 today our house is off the market and the paper work will proceed. The guy who bought the house rang out door bell at 12:02 asking if he could take a look around again. It was a Vietnameese man with a wife and four kids, so they need the space. He said that they had been looking for a place for a year, and the second he had stepped into this house he'd known that this was his new home. 
Can't blame him, that's pretty much how we felt when we wtepped into this house for the first time. 
We'll be moving out sometime in the middle of January. So at least I'll get a final christmas here, very pleased about that.

I need new icons... think I'll delete all the ones I have and start fresh. 

[profile] isil80 came by in the afternoon. We just took it easy, my mom isn't feeling to good so we sat with her for a while just talking. Afterwards we headed up to my room and watched 'X-Men: The Last Stand'. I've had time to think about the film, and though it doesn't come close to the greatness of the first two I refuse to blame Brett Ratner for that. It's still a fun ride, and it's tried to hold on to what the first two did, it just doesn't do it as nicely as they did. Hard to explain. I know this film will end up in my DVD collection at some point, but there's no rush.
After the movie we just sat talking, was very nice. We watched two episodes of "Angel" I wanted to show her Joss Whedon as Numfar, but we ended up watching two eps; "Through the Looking Glass"  & "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb". Was fun. I love Numfar and his dance, so brilliant.

After [profile] isil80 left I just took it easy, been going through my flist. 

Tomorrow it looks like there'll be a trip to the cinema with [personal profile] beluga and [profile] isil80, to see 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Will be much fun.
And let's not forget; I'll finally get to see episode 2 of "Supernatural".

Now new addition of the Norwegian artists, just links to the old ones: Part 1 )  Part 2 ) Part 3 ) Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 )
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Had a good weekend. 
It's so nice to have my aunt here for a visit, sadly she'll be leaving on Wednesday. She might be coming back in december to celebrate christmas with us. I hope so, it would be a very nice way to spend our last christmas in this house. 

My parents have set our time to move out to no later than february 2007, so we have to find a place by then. We'll be showing the house to potential buyers sometime Wednesday afternoon. Not exactly looking forward to it, but we'll most likely not be here, so I don't have to watch.

On Saturday we looked at an apartment. It was very nice, even I have to admit that. I would get a similar setup to what I have now, so I really can't complain in any way. The only negative thing about it is that it's a way out of the city and it won't be that easy for [personal profile] beluga and [profile] isil80 just to pop by. Well, figure something out though. No reason to worry now anyway, if we want the place we'll have to wait a while. We kind of got a viewing before it's out on the market, so we can't do anything until they've had an official showing. It is a great apartment though.

Yesterday I went to the cinema with [profile] isil80, needed a break from some pre-editing work I was doing. We wathed 'The Devil Wears Prada'. It was an okay film, nothing spectacular. Slow paced, which isn't really a problem if you have a strong story, sadly it wasn't. I think this should have either focused more on the comedy aspect of it, or tried to get more serious and given a better picture of the people involved. It kind of lies somewhere in the middle and never fully achieves what it could have. That said it was a nice film, and I was very happy to be back at the cinema. Fun to get out for a little bit.

Have gotten some time off from work, the students will be out shooting their films so there's nothing for me to do.

I haven't got much more to tell, so I'll continue my norwegian artist pimping, some rock this time.
Part 5 )
Links to the other ones: Part 1 )  Part 2 ) Part 3 ) Part 4 )
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I've seen the season opener twice with [personal profile] beluga... that was somtime before 19:00.
Now I'm waiting for a text message from [profile] isil80, and I'll go to her place to watch it again with her, as she hasn't seen it yet.

Seriously, Kripke, you're trying to kill me aren't you?

[profile] isil80, just called. Gotta go. Will write more later.
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Am frantically trying to download the season opener of "Supernatural". Got to 83% on one download before it crapped out on me, so have started a new one, it's on 5% so far. This hectic downloading stuff can be seriously stressful. I refuse to go through my flist until I've seen it, which sould hopefully be sometime today.

Okay, lets rewind to Wednesday afternoon. We were looking at a flat on the othe side of the city. It was gorgeous, it was perfect for us, and I could actually imagine living there for a while. Sadly we lost the bidding, well, we didn't even get to start bidding before our maximum was reached. But it's made us hopeful that we will find something that everybody can be happy with.

When we got back home we were pleasently suprised by a phone call from my Aunt Teresa, who lives in Germany, saying that she would be coming for a visit the next day. She'd booked the flight and would be staying for a little under a week. I was very happy, haven't seen her since Graduation, and that was such a short gathering, so I was glad that she'd be coming.

Anyway, Thursday I spent some time at work helping out, and then my parents picked me up on their way to the airport. The plane arrived early. Was so lovely to see her again, whe was very happy to be coming too. We all piled into the car and drove back home. My aunt got all her stuff in order. She'd brought some sweets for me, jummy. Sat downstairs with them talking for a while. They went to a showing, I opted to stay home as nobody was overly enthusiastic about that flat and I had stuff to do.

In the evening we all just took it easy, sat watching telly and talking a bit. I started playing with my aunt's phone, as I can never stay away from new toys. My mom's been nagging me that I should get a new cell, so I just wanted to check out what my Aunt's Motorola had to offer. I'm really a Nokia person to be honest, but figured I had to see what the others are offering. Ended up playing with all the functions on her phone for a while. Kind of in an offhand remark I told my mom that I wanted one of those phones for christmas. As it is a phone and MP3 player, awesom. My aunt understood this and said I could have her phone. I had no idea what to say... I mean I did want it, but I couldn't just take her phone. I said it was too much, but bothe her and my mom said that my aunt didn't need half of the functions on that phone, and she could have one of ours. So now I have a new Motorola phone. Which rocks. I spent rest of the evening sorting out the phonebooks in the mobiles that had been exchanged. My aunt will have to send me the applications to the phone when she gats back to Germany, so then I'll be loading it up with some choice tunes. I still think it was way to generous, however we do trade a lot of stuff within the family, so it's not unusual.

I finished my "Supernatural" marathon this morning. Now I'm just waiting for the episode I'm downloading to finish and for [personal profile] beluga to get here, so I can finally watch the season opener. 43% so far, just hope this one works.

Wanna hit the cinema this weekend. 'Little Miss Sunshine' actually made it to the bigscreen over here. [profile] isil80[personal profile] beluga? Wanna join me?

Okay, now for part 3 of my Norwegian artist pimping, you can find part 1 & 2 in my previous posts.
Part 3 )



Sep. 2nd, 2006 01:06 pm
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Thought it was time for a real update.

Wednesday I called to get some information on my laptop again. I'd called the day before and asked, but they had computer trouble and promised me to call me back when they found the info. They never did, so i called, was told that they were missing some info and I had to bring the guarantee papers with me the next day and come in.
Okay, seriously. I have to call them and bug them to get this information?? They have my number, they have my e-mail address, ho hard is it to give me that message?? 
In the evening my mom and I stopped by [profile] isil80 for a little visit. My mom was very curious about her new flat and sofa. Was a nice little visit, sat talking and looked at some pictures.
When i got back home I watched some 'Grey's Anatomy', then saw the first episode of 'Ghost Whisperer' on TV,  not a big fan of the series, but Wentworth Miller was the ghost of the week, so had to have a look. He really is great at what he does, I think he outshone everybody in that episode. After that I watched 'Invasion', still not sure about that show. I know I could stop watching today and not think anymore about it, but am giving it another episode or two to win me over. Finished the evening with 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Thursday the first thing I did was jump in the car and drive to the shop to get some info about my laptop. Turns out they misplaced the info about what's broken and such. Which is so crazy because they have the info on their computer, and someone started fixing it on the 21st, so I don't get the problem. I told them repeated times, that I'd delivered it to them three weeks ago and that I needed it for work. Here's the problem with me though, I can't start yelling in situations like this. I really want to and I know what I want to say, but I'm unable to. However I lost count of how many times I told them that they had kept my computer for three weeks, that I needed it for work, and that I'd called them repeated times. I filled out the form and drove back home. I was so pissed, it didn't help much that I almost got run off the road twice on the way back.
I managed to channel all the agression into something good though, vacumed my car and cleaned it, and when I got bak inside I cleaned my desk and fixed some computer stuff. When i was done with all that I was feeling good again. 
Watched some  'Grey's Anatomy'. In the evening [personal profile] beluga stopped by for a little visit. Sat talking with my parents for a while, before going up tp my room. Her boyfriend came after a while as well. As my parents had to approve him as well. ;P They didn't stay long, poor beluga has been takin PE at school, which she will have to do everyday till december, so she's whiped at the moment.
After she left I continued with what has turned out to be a  'Grey's Anatomy' marathon.

Yesterday was a calm day really. Watched a whole lot of  'Grey's Anatomy' episodes, when I got to episode 19, which is the second Denny (JMD) episode it turned out I didn't have it, so I had a look around, and started downloading. As I didn't feel like skipping it and going back to it later I ended up sewing some stuff while watching a couple of episodes of season 2 of 'The Pretender'.

Today I've watched two episodes of  'Grey's Anatomy', and relaxed a bit. Got a call from the Penelope Film boss, Odd, and I'm meeting him tonight to discuss what I can do to help in the film classes he'll be teaching. It's without pay, but it's experience, and he'll give me a letter of recomandation when I'm done. Also am hoping this will get another toe in the door for the movie project in 2007. Am also going to [profile] isil80 tonight. In a few hours actually, so will go from her to meet with Odd.

What else... I'll be posting some remblings about  'Grey's Anatomy' soon.
Wish me luck for tonight. :)

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We've had a cat living in our garage.

Went to visit [profile] isil80 on Thursday, that was fun.

Quiet weekend, watched 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' and 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'. I have a theory brewing as a result. Watch this space. 
Anyways, I really don't want there to be an 'Indiana Jones 4'.
Have also watched the first two episodes of 'Psych'. And the first episode of season 2 of 'Dark Angel'. I just had to as it seems to be mentioned on my flist a lot lately.

Next round of applications going out tomorrow, JC says he might have gotten a lead for me. It's in Oslo though, but to be honest that's probably where I'll end up in the end anyway.

And I put this meme in my last post:
LJ can be kind of superficial, we might think we know people, but that's not always the case. So I want you to ask me a question, something you've wondered about, or would just like to know. I'll answer.
I'm adding to this pic requests. Not of me but of stuff... like my fave shoes or my front door or whatever.

Need more quessies and requests, ask as many questions as you want. 

The big Poland update is coming too.
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Thought I'd update some real life stuff. 

On Monday I had kind of a quiet day, doing stuff around the house and such. Got Marie on the phone and managed to figure out when she was coming. Turned out she'd be staying for a night, which was very nice. 
In the evening I went to [profile] isil80's place. We just sat talking and watched a little TV, we ended up watching 'Batman'. I'd never seen it before, so figured it was about time. It was better than I'd expected. 

Tuesday I had a very calm day, worked on my Salvation review[personal profile] beluga came by  in the afternoon. We didn't do much, doing stuff on our laptops. Talking and watching TV. Don't really remember if we saw anything specific. 
She slept over.

Wednesday got up at an okay hour. [personal profile] beluga and I just relaxed and took it easy, she left in the afternoon. I cleaned a little around the house, remade the bed for Marie, and drove in to the city, to the bus station to get Marie. Was great to see her again, we just fell right into old times, talked a lot. I made tacos for dinner, it was very jummy. Afterwards Marie requested a Supernatural marathon, and I wasn't gonna argue. We watched Skin, Home, Asylum, Scarecrow, Faith, Route 666, Nightmare and The Benders, She'd seen the rest, Marie fell asleep in the middle of The Benders, and woke up right at the end. It was late, so we decided to go to bed. 

Thursday I got up early, didn't take to long until Marie got up as well, we got some breakfast, and Marie asked to watch more Supernatural. Was happy to oblidge. Hehe, We started with Shadow and worked through Hell House, Provenance, Dead Man's Blood, Salvation and Devil's Trap. Can't believe we actually made it through them all.  We finished at  about 1600, so it was about time to get dressed and get some dinner. Lol, we ate the rest of the tacos. After dinner we headed into the city and met [personal profile] beluga. Was nice, but there were a lot of people there, felt kind of claustrophobic. We ran into [personal profile] laraneia, walked around for a while. Just had a look around, we sat down at a cafe, [personal profile] laraneia left. When we finished, we headed back home, sat there talking for a while, was nice. In the evening Marie had to leave, Christine came and got her, was nice to see her again too.
[personal profile] beluga and I just had a quiet evening. watched some TV, and were online. 

[personal profile] beluga left before I got up on friday, she had stuff to do. I went around the house trying to get stuff done. Was online for a while. In the afternoon [personal profile] beluga came again, a little later we went to [profile] isil80. Was nice, we watched My Bodyguard, was a cute movie. Listened to some music and talked, relaxing evening. Went home and just relaxed, was very tired. 

Today has been okay, but got a little stressed when i realized the house sitters are coming tomorrow and I haven't done much to prepare for their arrival and my own trip, so was a little stressed, going around the house doing stuff. [personal profile] beluga arrived while I was cleaning, but it was okay, she had her laptop, so I could continue with what I had to do. Managed to finish a couple of minutes after [profile] isil80 arrived. Will do the finishing touches tomorrow. We all just tooke it easy, watched Tv and saw A Knight's Tale on DVD, talked a bit. Eventually [profile] isil80 had to get back home. [personal profile] beluga and I have been watching Scrubs

That's about it for now. Tomorrow I have to get the house completely ready for the house sitters, meet them at the boat. Then until sometime on Monday I'll have to fill them in on all the stuff about the house, what to do and not to do. Get my suitcase packed and get it to [personal profile] beluga's house, then get myself there, and on Tuesday we finally leave. Am really looking forward to it, getting a change of pace and scenery.

Hope everybody's having a good time.
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I'm actuall sitting outside! In the sun! *gasp*
Yes I brought my laptop out with me, it's the only way I'll be able to stay out here for more than 5 minutes anyway. Ringht now only my legs are getting sun, but they need it the most... and you guys don't want to read about this, so I'll continue to what I was going to update about.

Had a good week. On thursday [personal profile] beluga and I met up at the mall in the afternoon. None of us really had anything major to do there. [personal profile] beluga was getting some books, but that was about it. We just walked around, checking out what was on offer and I was making mental notes on what I wanted to look for in Poland. I did buy three mini buttons though, one with 'X-Men' written on it, one with cartoon Wolverine, and on that read 'Fuck parental advisory'. I have a little purse thing that I've started putting buttons on to liven it up a bit, so those will be put to good use, no if I only could find my old Take That button. Anyways, we just walked around talking, was very nice, she might have something going on with on of the boys from the beach last week, from the way she spoke of him he seems very nive. She's dubbed him PB in her journal, so I'll do the same here. I drove her home afterwards, she had so many bags, that I figured I'd be nice and save her from the bus. We talked a bit, and then her PB came, so I got to meet him before I went back home. He seems nice, but the main thing is as long as he makes [personal profile] beluga happy I think he's great.

Friday I don't really know what I did, tried to go around doing housy things, but was kind of unmotivated. [personal profile] beluga invited me to her place for tacos in the evening, so I went there. Her PB was there with a friend, as well as her brother and sister. Was really nice, and her PB seems like a very nice guy, especially for a 22 year old. Not that young guys can't be nice, but I mean the fact that he'll drive his friends all over the place even when he's not going with them. His friend was a weird one, still amusing though. After we'd all eaten we sat talking a while before everybody left and it was just [personal profile] beluga and me left. We didn't really do much, watched a skit-show featuring Simon Pegg, I helped her go through some stuff for Poland, then we watched the pilot episode for the UK vrs of 'Touching Evil'. Liked it. It was getting late, and [personal profile] beluga got a call that her PB was on his way, so I jumped in the car and headed back home.

Weekend was very quiet, wasn't feeling too good, so all the chores I had planned on doing were pushed aside. Did manage to do most of them when I was feeling a bit better again though. So now all I have to do is vacuming and such, and I can do it all again next week. 

Yesterday evening I stopped by [profile] isil80, she's back home from her vacay. We just took it easy. Sat talking and watching TV, ended up watching 'The Princess Diaries'. It's a cute movie, but will never quite be my cup of tea. Was a nice evening. I headed home after the movie, was kind of tired. Didn't manage to go to bed when I got home though. Ended up watching 'Special Unit 2' and chatting with [personal profile] beluga.

Today... well it's still early. I should get some stuff done. I'll try to do that, then I'll get started on my 'Salvation' post.

Quiet time

Jun. 24th, 2006 12:43 pm
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Was at [personal profile] beluga's on sunday and celebrated her birthday. Was very nice, she made dinner, and served loads of snacks. We all just sat talking, was [profile] isil80[personal profile] laraneia and Camelia ([profile] elinlomheim). [personal profile] laraneia's husband stopped by after we'd eaten dinner. Was nice and calm, discussing various things. [personal profile] beluga was very pleased with her gift from me, a Supernatural collage and a promotinal card. I took the last bus home in the evening, was the last to leave.

Yesterday I drove my parents to the airport. They were leaving for Poland, [personal profile] beluga and I will follow on the 11th of July. They were very exited and I can't blame them, think it will be good for them to just be able to relax and not have to think about too much stuff. They had a good trip down, but their luggage was lost, they got it delivered in the evening though, which was good. Kind of wish I'd gone with them, but then again I think 2 weeks alone here at the house will do me good, and give me some time to figure out some stuff.

In the evening [profile] isil80 and i went to [personal profile] beluga's place for a BBQ, her sister, [profile] ate_yr_bees, was back home from vacation. Her brother and two young cousins + [profile] ate_yr_bees friend were there too. [personal profile] beluga really did a good job, food was lovely and it was a very cozy evening. We all just sat talking, and of course [personal profile] beluga and I discussed some Supernatural related stuff. I got to be a bit cloud outside, so we helped to clean up and went inside. [personal profile] beluga[profile] isil80 and I watched some TV before [personal profile] beluga found her DVD of 'Danny the Dog' (Unleashed). I liked it. One of the best Jet Li films I've seen, not that I've seen to many, but still. I really enjoyed it.
Afterwards we went down to the beach, was bonfire night, but since it was almost midnight we missed the big one. [profile] ate_yr_bees were there with some friends, some of the guys were slightly enebriated, so they provided some entertainment. *laugs*

Other than that I really don't have much to update with. Life is kind of slow. I'm just trying to fill the time with random stuff so that the days pass quickly. Marie will be coming for a little visit a day in the beginning of July, and then I'm off to Poland, yay.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Where's the 'insert picture' button in rich text gone? There's a new movie button, that doesn't work... and the picture button is gone. *sigh*
Give me back the button LJ!!

Winner in the icon poll is X3, gotta admit I didn't expect that, but cool. :)

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