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Who is Your Supernatural Lover? (Jared or Jensen)
Congrats! Your ideal match is mr wham! bam! thank you maam! Jensen Ackles. He's sharp, sexy and ready to blow your mind, just don't expect anything long term, he's the no strings attached kinda guy.
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What Brother From Supernatural are you?

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How Much Do You know about the show Supernatural?
You certainly know your stuff and are almost as obsessed with supernatural and the boys as i am!
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Which Brother From Supernatural Are You Most Like?

You Are Dean!
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You are a fan of the show. You definatley know Sam and Dean. Congrats
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Wow!!! You REALLY know your Supernatural!! You pay alot of attention to detail and for that you get my full congratulations!! You are awesome!!!
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Who are you from Supernatural? (W\Pictures!)

You are Dean! You are awesome and have an awesome spiffy car! Yay!
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Who are you from the show Supernatural???

You got Dean Winchester.(right) He is my FAVORITE. His real name is Jensen Ackles. Such a Hottie. he played a small role in smallville i think and thats all i really know about him.
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What Supernatural Guy Is Right For You???

You got Dean! He is totally sexy. He is the type of guy that would use pick up lines and when they're turned down he would keep trying. But he mostly cares about looks. Most likely wou wouldn't have a chance with him, because even though he goes from girl to girl to girl onn the show, that is just to keep his mind off of the one who he really loves. And by the way he is played by Jensen Ackles!!
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Which Supernatural Character Are You?

You are Dean Winchester, the older brother. You follow your father's orders more or less blindly, and always look out for your baby brother Sam. You also want to find the demon that killed your Mom and Jessica, but don't want to end up losing the rest of your family to do so. You are also quite uncomfortable with emotional situations.
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Which Supernatural Character are you?

You are Dean.
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which supernatural dude r u destined to be with?

you are destined to be with dean! brave and extremely handsome!
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SUPERNATURAL are you Sam or Dean?

You are Dean. You have perserverance and a good attitude. You don't give up.
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Which Winchester brother are you?((Supernatural))

Your Dean. The whole reason the show is funny. Um.. for you people who can't figure out which one he is, right side.
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How big of Supernatural fan are you?
Wow!! You know supernatural just as well as I do!! Congrats!!
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Which Breed of Supernatural Fangirl Are You?

Wow, you're balanced...You're the Normal Fangirl - you like the show because... it's cool. Seriously. You have no creepy vices like the rest of us. You are a queen among wenches, and I salute you.
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Hahahaha!! Okay, whatever you say. Lol.

Which character form supernatural are you?

Your Dean! Your Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) This bad boy.. is one of the main characters in the show! he fights evil in his 1967 chevy impala and starts to form a better bond between him and hisbro
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Supernatural? Are you a super fan?

You are a true fan! You Rock!
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Lol, awesome picture, and so true.

Which female character from Supernatural are you?
You are Cassie!! You're lucky! Dean's first love, Cassie, is a very intelligent person, who also has a fetish for bad boys. Maybe that cool attitude of your's will land you a sexy guy like Dean someday!!
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could you survive the show SUPERNATURAL?

You would survive the Show. Horray for you, but the down side is that you do it by being horribly spineless and running away from any potentially dangerous situation. There really aren't any characters like this on the show beacuse that would make it boring. Look on the bright side: YOU ARE JUST LIKE Me. I am a big chicken and also wouldn't get into any hazardous areas.
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Which Supernatural or Smallville boy would you be with? (GIRLS ONLY, SORRY)

Dean Winchester in "Supernatural" (Jensen Ackles)Dean is a great guy who loves to joke around. He flirts a ton! He really cares for those he loves and protects them with his life! :)PLEASE RATE AND/OR MESSAGE ME! THANX!
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How Well Do You Know the Winchester Brothers? (from the tv show Supernatural duh!)
Wow! Is there anything you don't know about the boys? You certainly know your stuff and have obviously been paying attention to every minor detail in each episode.
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Which "supernatural" character are you destined to marry? Girls only

You are destined to marry...Dean!!He's really tough and has problems with showing his emotions, but when he really wants to,he can.
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are you more like sam or dean? in supernatural (good pics)

your more like dean!
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Which WB's Supernatural Character are You? [Good Results w\ Pictures]

You are
You're the kind of person that knows what they want, and how to get it. Only thing is, you're still having problems getting there.
You're cool,most of the time. But everyone knows you're a loose cannon- just waiting to go off.
You maybe a smartass, but you're sexy - and you know it.

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Which Winchester Are You?
You are Dean. Played by Jensen Ackles, Dean is what appears to be the bad-boy type. Hes a little rough around the edges but most have come to like his character. Hes searching for dad with his younger brother Sam who he had to drag out of college. All he wants to do is please his dad, and when they start recieving co-ordinates from him, Dean obeys immediatly. Dean will take on any demon, any time, any where. He loves his car, a black 67 Impala, and DOES NOT like poeple to touch it. Dean is very out-going, and a bit sarcastic. He is also sort of a macho man, and doesn't do (what he calls) 'chick-flick moments'.
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